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It's David Niven, it's Stewart Granger, it's Nigel Havers... probably the most English beer you could ever find.

The top quality ingredients are the stars of this classic, full bodied and full flavoured English Ale. The grist bill is 90% the finest Maris Otter we could lay our hands on, combined with 10% Dark Crystal malt to add a deep hue and richness to the beer. 

Hops are the golden trinity of Fuggles, Challenger and East Kent Goldings.


IPA Label v4.png

Our Pale Ale offers a fresh take on a traditional Pale. 

The malt bill includes our best friend Maris Otter, along with some Pilsner, Munich, Wheat and Cara Munich malts. This makes for a light but full flavoured beer.

The hops additions are fresh and fruity: Cascade, Mosaic and Centennial. A refreshing pint we are sure you will enjoy.

Premium Pils

Lager Label v6.png

Our Premium Pils lager is made with 100% Pilsner malt straight from Bamberg, Germany. 

In addition the Hallertaur Mittlfruh bittering hops we add some Southern hops from Australia and New Zealand to give the Pils extra crispness and bite.

winter ale

WA Label v4.png

Our dark, rich winter ale is made with Maris Otter base malt, malted oats, and a selection of roasted malts.

Challenger and Willamette hops bring the IBU count to around 44. A drop of honey and a hint (nothing more) of ginger and cinnamon add complexity, and a festive atmosphere. Happy Winter. 

IPA #1

IPA Label v1 with bleed mask.png

Our first IPA, number one. The hops featuring here are Galaxy, Amarillo, Cascade and Citra. 

There will be more to come in this series (I think you can guess the naming convention) so don't miss this, or the next instalment, in the KTB IPA #series.