A Bit About Camden...

I thought I might briefly address the elephant on the doorstep that is our neighbour, Camden Town Brewery. They brew in Enfield now, but they have their roots here, in Kentish Town.

I will say up front that I am a fan and supporter, and I think nearly everything they have done over their meteoric rise has been very well executed.

They make well balanced and carefully thought-out beers & lagers. In the early days, instead of just making hoppy bangers, they designed their products for their intended market. This meant they would have the kind of universal appeal they needed when going global. Everyone likes Hells, and thats the sweet spot they wanted to hit. Their success was carefully planned and executed from the very beginning. 

I’ve read and heard so much antipathy about Camden because they “sold out”.  They sold to ABI because they wanted to be on shelves and in bars across the world, and there was no realistic way of achieving that without a really big brother. Perhaps they may have got there on their own eventually, but others would have got there first.

Admittedly they have now become more of a beer factory than a brewery, with actual robots doing some of the work. It may be hard to keep a sense of romance with the product / brewery going, but we need Camden at the top of the pile, changing the world, so smaller brewers benefit from an ever-growing craft beer market.